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Biochemistry, generally referred to as biological chemistry, is that the study of chemical processes with reference to living organisms. Biochemistry controls the details of biochemical signals and as results collect the information of flow energy flow through metabolism, organic chemistry processes creates to the complexness of life. Over the last decades of the twentieth century, organic chemistry has become therefore undefeated at explaining living processes that currently the majority of the life sciences from biological science to medication to genetic science are engaged in organic chemistry analysis. Now a days, the most focus of pure organic chemistry is on understanding how the biological molecules create to the processes that occur in living cells, that successively relates to the study and understanding of tissues, organs, and whole organisms that's, all of biology.

Biophysics is associate knowledge domain science that applies the approaches & strategies of physics to check biological structures. Physical science covers all aspects of biological organization, from molecular to scheme and populations which incorporates structure & dynamics of molecules, cells & tissues, the influence of atmosphere, energy transformation & transfer, physical science, biological motility, population dynamics & cell differentiation modeling, biomechanics & tissue physical science, non-linear phenomena, mathematical informatics modeling of advanced systems, process biology.

  • Membrane biophysics
  • Medical biophysics
  • Physiomics
  • Biogeophysics
  • Cell biology
  • Biomolecules
  • Bioinformatics
  • Enzymology
  • Molecular biochemistry
  • Plant biochemistry
  • Microbial Biochemistry

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