Bionanomaterial and Nanotechnology in Biomedical

Bionanomaterial and Nanotechnology in Biomedical  Photo

Bionanomaterials are molecular materials composed part or utterly of biological molecules and leading to structures having a Nano-scale-dimension. Magnetic nanomaterial is the magnetic particles of Nano size that are having exclusive magnetic properties. They're existing in varied forms comparable to dry powders, as surface functionalized powders or as stable dispersions in a kind of solvents, each binary compound and organic. 

Bionanomaterials have many separate applications as novel fibbers, adhesives, sensors, etc. Nano biomaterials have 28.3% of the market share. Nano biomaterials are also used for many important fields of biomedical sciences like cancer treatment, regeneration practices and polymeric compound which are very important for gene delivery system. Nanofiber scaffolds diameters are smaller than 100nms. Nanofiber scaffolding is a technique to grow tissue and bone, additionally employed in somatic cell enlargement. 

  • Magnetic nanomaterial
  • For dental/cranio-maxillofacial repair/regeneration
  • Nanofiber scaffolds for stem cell expansion
  • For cancer treatment
  • Polymeric nanoparticles for gene delivery
  • Nanobiointerfaces
  • Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructures

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