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Clinical science is a branch of medical science concerned with the adaptation of microbiological techniques to study the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

Microbiology research due to differentiation, large requirement of preparatory materials, huge numbers of which should be sterile (culture media, microorganisms or other microbial societies, and gear: autoclaves, magnifying instruments) keeping in mind the end goal to achieve any showing objective in this research facility territory. Hence, understudies in numerous natural lab courses never have the chance to work with organisms on account of this specialized necessity. Hence, they do not obtain the active encounter prompting the acknowledgment that microorganisms, organisms, yeast, and blue green growth have the attributes of life and frameworks accessible to outside investigations and analysis.

  • Microbial Pathogenesis
  • Nosocomial Infections
  • Host Pathogen Interactions
  • Antimicrobials and Chemotherapy
  • Microbial Enzymes
  • Emerging Infectious Disease
  • Microbial Biofilms
  • Dynamics and consequences of antimicrobial resistance
  • Challenges in Clinical Microbiology Testing
  • Emerging Technologies for the Diagnosis of Microbial Infections

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