Drug Discovery and Development

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Researchers discover new medicine through insights into a sickness method that permit researchers to style a product to prevent or reverse the consequences of the sickness. After identifying a particular drug compound or component, several experimentations are processed to assemble drug information on its ADME studies, best dose, side effects, also it interacts with completely different medication and coverings and its effectiveness as compared with similar medication.

Bringing one new drug to the general public generally prices a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company on the average quite $1 billion and takes a median of ten to fifteen years. Every drug undergoes a rigorous method of discovery, development and approval after that at last, public use.

  • Computer-Aided Drug Design Methods (CADD)
  • Combinatorial Chemistry in Drug Discovery
  • Proteomics in Drug Discovery
  • Advancements in Drug Metabolism
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
  • Recent Advances in Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Pulmonary Drug Discovery and Therapy
  • Drug Metabolism and Drug Design
  • Spectroscopy Methods in Drug Discovery

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